Friday, 20 December 2013



These photo's where taken almost five years ago, since then iv posted and sheared some of them, but mostly they've just been in storage, so i thought i'd dust them off, clean them up a bit and present them as part of a recap  of LMClothing's look book over the years. 
They represent a young fire to me, the beginning of something special.  All we had then was a camera, our home and a small bunch of sample garments i had randomly been making  between my studies, work and what ever clients i could manage.  Kido was kind enough to lend me her body, as she has had to too many more times over the years, while i tried to find my way behind the camera.

I learned and experienced a lot since then, I've had enormous amounts of help and I've struggled on my own at times, either way I'm grateful for this journey.  Im still as eager to learn as i was back then and i now understand better that the power of an attitude of wanting to do and learn, along with passion, perseverance, a positive mental attitude and a bit of magic is the key to unlocking the door to my endless possibilities. 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My Style

This past Saturday we sent a beautiful afternoon out in the sun in remembrance and tribute to out Great Tata Nelson Mandela, just reflecting and spending time unpacking some of what his existance and actions means to us personally and the impact his legacy has had on the world. 
I am forever grateful to have lived and experienced the possitive changes that have been a work in progress for decades,  im eternally in awe of all those who sacrificed tremendously and tirelessly to contribute to the cause that not only gave us freedom but also continues to teach lessons about humility,  compassion,  respect, love, forgiveness, resilience and great pride.
Im filled with all kings of love and appreciation...I am alive!

Friday, 13 December 2013


African Print two ways!

An awesome friday to you my fellow lovers of all things fashion.  
Firstly i must apologise for my lack of blogging,   the past few months have been the busiest time for me, and unfortunately i haven't managed my time well enough to fit in a post, and believe it or not, i still find it wired to be consistent in taking pictures when those perfect moments present themselves.  I promise to do better from now though.

This past September i found love in this Flared African Print skirt i was called on to make for a friends family event, it was all quite a short notice saga, but eventually this skirt is what was born of that weekends pressure.
Im totally crazy about the bow, it sort of adds a hint of a 60's element to the bold African Print detail of the garment, which i feel keeps the look of it very feminine and whimsical in a very modern kind of way.

And of cause, what is a flared skirt without pockets right?!

Since the first one of these skirts, iv cut almost ten of them, some for clients and others as gifts in an assortment of styles and prints, but keeping the basic concept intact.  Its a simple skirt which makes it easy to wear for any occasion but detailed enough to be the focal point of the look.  I feel every woman should own an African Print Full skirt, the feeling it gives you when wearing it is just me, I've seen how it makes its recipients react and iv experienced it for myself. 

Neck piece: Ruthie. O Collection
Mesh Sweetheart tops: Mr Price
Black Tuxedo Jacket: Mango
Flare Bow Skirt: LMClothing
Metallic sharp Pumps: Truworths
Black ankle strap Sandals: Truworths