Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Style

Something old, something new, something borrowed and nothing blue!

I bought this green shirt years ago, it was a good idea at the time but as the years went by it just lost its place in my style heart:( until i decided to bring it back to life by adding a variety of citrus hue buttons to the collar, button stand and cuffs...Genius.  
Coupled with this Zebra detailed necklace makes it all the more special, i think i might have outdone myself*claps once*...Something old!
 Once again...Gifts that actually rock my world:D
I got this monochrome, black and white tassel hand bag from a dear friend of my who recently had the opportunity to work in Hong Kong for a few months, he brought this fabulous bag back for me.  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful bags i have in my closet...Something new!
I loaned this perfectly fitting short black cardigan from my Kido, it really takes my outfit all the way.  Im still secretly working on taking it of her hands should my steak of luck continue to serve me as well as it has, but honestly, i seriously doubt i'll win this one any time soon.  Fortunately, patience is one of my many virtues*wink*...Something borrowed!
To finish off this look, i wore a high waist pleated skirt with a white leather belt that clearly isn't meant to be worn on natural waist, but i just had to find a way considering my collection of belts was only offering this one as the perfect option for this look.
It was a bit cloudy out so i decided on this pair of patterned black stockings and a pair of patent leather ankle boots which haven't grown old since i bought them three years ago...Nothing blue!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Life Style

Friday the 13th

Just recieved these pic from an unplanned night out last friday, i literally only had time to change clothing after work to make it for this one.  We had so much fun so i thought i should share them.  Read more about the eventful day on

Friday, 20 September 2013

My Style

Lucky Me in Katalyst Kollection!!!

Wishing all the fashion lovers a very awesome Friday:D
I decided to enjoy mine by stepping out in this simple, classic black and white outfit, completely decked out in Katalyst Kollection accessories which are privileged to me because of my fortunate afflictions with the creator and designer of the brand, my beautiful and ever talented kid sister Katlego Moripe...Lucky Me!!!
The perk's don't even end there, i then got hooked up with signature Katalyst kollection graphics just for that final cherry on top, just nje *wink* Lucky me...absolutely.  
1.  Im wearing these extremely impressive 'barely there', white and black net heels i recently acquired.
2.  A pair of high waisted cotton pants with a thick white tuxedo strap along the side.
3. Paired up with a white Roxy bowling bag i took off Katli's hands for good.
4. Completed with a black cropped fitted top, and a classic white blazer.   
My outfit is then completed with black and white, limited edition Katalyst kollection earrings, a white choke, coupled with a zebra print choke and last, but defiantly most, the black plat necklace, all by Katalyst kollection, a brand new and exciting hand bag and accessories line coming to you 25/09/2013.  

Monday, 9 September 2013


Pretty in Peplum

Zac Posen spring\summer 2012

Vera Wang spring/summer 2012

Nina Ricci spring summer 2012

Givenchy spring/summer 2012

This trend is wonderfully feminine and suitable for woman of all shapes and sizes, the clinched in waist is just lovely and all too adorable, but also gives a 'dressed-up', put together feeling perfect for any occasion.  This trend effortlessly translates into casual, business and formal to evening dress, quintessential for the girly girl in you.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Personal Style

A fun look to send off the winter. 

I got these perfect little leather gloves as a birthday present last year, again, those awesome gift that actually really work.  
This unbelievable clutch bag, made from a combination of plastic, leather and canvas *death* was a hand down from a Designer i did an internship with a few years ago, it was one of many things that were just hanging around the studio adding to the creative vibe of the space.  I just couldn't believe it when she said i could take it home with me...for keeps.   
The peep toe stripped heels found their home with me as a result of a swop that took place between myself and a good friend of mine, i ended up parting with a woollen tailored cape for these ladies, much to my kid sisters distaste,  sometimes i wander if my decision to let that cape go wasn't one of those overly impulsive ones?!  
But every time i catch my thoughts heading in that very futile direction, i go say hello to these skilfully made luxurious heels, and all resistance crumbles˜ ˜,
I then added a pair of black pantyhose and black patterned thigh high sox,just for taste.*wink*