Friday, 20 September 2013

My Style

Lucky Me in Katalyst Kollection!!!

Wishing all the fashion lovers a very awesome Friday:D
I decided to enjoy mine by stepping out in this simple, classic black and white outfit, completely decked out in Katalyst Kollection accessories which are privileged to me because of my fortunate afflictions with the creator and designer of the brand, my beautiful and ever talented kid sister Katlego Moripe...Lucky Me!!!
The perk's don't even end there, i then got hooked up with signature Katalyst kollection graphics just for that final cherry on top, just nje *wink* Lucky me...absolutely.  
1.  Im wearing these extremely impressive 'barely there', white and black net heels i recently acquired.
2.  A pair of high waisted cotton pants with a thick white tuxedo strap along the side.
3. Paired up with a white Roxy bowling bag i took off Katli's hands for good.
4. Completed with a black cropped fitted top, and a classic white blazer.   
My outfit is then completed with black and white, limited edition Katalyst kollection earrings, a white choke, coupled with a zebra print choke and last, but defiantly most, the black plat necklace, all by Katalyst kollection, a brand new and exciting hand bag and accessories line coming to you 25/09/2013.  

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