Friday, 6 September 2013

Personal Style

A fun look to send off the winter. 

I got these perfect little leather gloves as a birthday present last year, again, those awesome gift that actually really work.  
This unbelievable clutch bag, made from a combination of plastic, leather and canvas *death* was a hand down from a Designer i did an internship with a few years ago, it was one of many things that were just hanging around the studio adding to the creative vibe of the space.  I just couldn't believe it when she said i could take it home with me...for keeps.   
The peep toe stripped heels found their home with me as a result of a swop that took place between myself and a good friend of mine, i ended up parting with a woollen tailored cape for these ladies, much to my kid sisters distaste,  sometimes i wander if my decision to let that cape go wasn't one of those overly impulsive ones?!  
But every time i catch my thoughts heading in that very futile direction, i go say hello to these skilfully made luxurious heels, and all resistance crumbles˜ ˜,
I then added a pair of black pantyhose and black patterned thigh high sox,just for taste.*wink*


  1. One word "Elegant". that's one hell of a winter send-off. #NicelyDone

  2. Thats very kind of u sir...couldn't have described it better myself;D