Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Style

Something old, something new, something borrowed and nothing blue!

I bought this green shirt years ago, it was a good idea at the time but as the years went by it just lost its place in my style heart:( until i decided to bring it back to life by adding a variety of citrus hue buttons to the collar, button stand and cuffs...Genius.  
Coupled with this Zebra detailed necklace makes it all the more special, i think i might have outdone myself*claps once*...Something old!
 Once again...Gifts that actually rock my world:D
I got this monochrome, black and white tassel hand bag from a dear friend of my who recently had the opportunity to work in Hong Kong for a few months, he brought this fabulous bag back for me.  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful bags i have in my closet...Something new!
I loaned this perfectly fitting short black cardigan from my Kido, it really takes my outfit all the way.  Im still secretly working on taking it of her hands should my steak of luck continue to serve me as well as it has, but honestly, i seriously doubt i'll win this one any time soon.  Fortunately, patience is one of my many virtues*wink*...Something borrowed!
To finish off this look, i wore a high waist pleated skirt with a white leather belt that clearly isn't meant to be worn on natural waist, but i just had to find a way considering my collection of belts was only offering this one as the perfect option for this look.
It was a bit cloudy out so i decided on this pair of patterned black stockings and a pair of patent leather ankle boots which haven't grown old since i bought them three years ago...Nothing blue!

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