Tuesday, 30 September 2014


So sorry  ive been so quiet...I know Im Sorry.
This is what we've been up to!
Back stage just before we opened the show at Monte Casino in forways this past weekend!

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Fashion Vent

For me, this is where fashion stops and personal choice steps in.

I consider myself quite open minded and a huge lover of trends.  From oversize to crops, I'm all in it to win it in a soccer fan kind of way, patriotic and all those wonderful feelings.

I've heard too many raving reviews about Ms Rihanna's 'see-through' dress, which she wore to the CFDA Awards, by designer Adam Selman.  She was nominated for the Fashion Icon Award that evening, by the way.

P.S.  I must make it clear that i am a devoted Bad Girl fan, along with the rest of the world.

I think where fashion is concerned covering your privates is essential.  There is a time and place for this look Ms Riri is rocking that evening, and it comes with dim lights and an age restriction.

Fashion will never get to a time where sacrificing your basic privacy, and quite frankly disrespecting everyone by attending a formal event in what i see as, a thong and glitter is cool.  Not everyone wants to see your breasts and behind...

Time and place ladies.

This wasn't Ms Riri's first nude offence.

Ms Riri at the Balmain after show party in Paris

Monday, 24 March 2014

Lucky people

Shout out to Lerato Senwelo, welcome to the lucky people:D thanks for your support, its so good to have you as part of our family...dont be a stranger;*

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My style

Celebrating the sun

Finally it looks like we have our sunny summer days back.  So I've decided to hurry up and celebrate it considering it could be over again without warning.

In this look I'm wearing my casual cotton harem pants Which I picked up for cheap at some random clothing store late last year.  I thought them a great addition to my leisure wear items.

I wore these pants with a cotton dress that used to be popular with me many years ago, 
it was one of the very first items I purchased from YDE way back in the day.

I then coupled my Katalyst Kollection chokers with this LOVE pendent, leather strap necklace I got for my birthday not too long ago for accessories, and a sparrow pendent long necklace to complement my sunglass chain and watch as they would have been the only gold items worn.  
I must say that I don't mind silver and gold being worn together, as with everything else, its just about finding that perfect balance to break the rules. 

What I really like about this combo Is that it creates an illusion of being an all in one piece, the stretch cotton fabric used for both garments is a perfect match.

Then finally i decided on these black strap wooden heel platforms, they make the look more dressed up without being too much. 
And then the decorative whole at the back of the dress... I find it adds that extra bit of relaxed sexyness to the look. 
Till the next time we play dress-up, keep well and take care♥

Monday, 10 March 2014

My Style

Chasing the rain away.

So this would be my first post this March... I know, completely shameful, i've just been so tightly wound up with home and work matters, it's a bit of a crazy time.
Its also been very rainy lately, trough out most of the country really.  Im not complaining because I find that cold weather creates opportunity to practise authentic style, with that said, I wouldn't say no to sunshine again even though i am more enticed by winter apparel.
For today the bow makes a comeback to add that girly girl tough to my otherwise boyish outfit, the bow is made from three variations of Seshweshwe fabric.  To add a bit of fun I then added a Katalyst Kollection choker and a cut-off piece of fabric which I stuffed into my jacket pocket, both of their own Seshweshwe fabric to continue the theme. 
I decided on this cobalt blue belt with a bow buckle as a perfect addition to keep my look significantly feminine. 
 Along with these blue and white stacked platform brogue shoes I'm super crazy about, even though they aren't the most comfortable pair  I've owned.
The rest is just a grey blazer I picked up at Mango, a white vest from Mr Price and slim fit high waisted black pants by LMClothing.
 Im also wearing a clear pink beaded choker also by Katalyst Kollection and a leather lace strap with a Love pendent i got for my birthday once, again, awesome gifts that actually work:D and a long sparrow pendent necklace for taste.
And there you have it...The dream team;D

Friday, 14 February 2014

My Style

Happy Valentine's Day

So today i've decided to celebrate by wearing a full sequins short sleeve top...i know, it might seem a bit dressy for day time but today being Valentine's Day and all, i think Iits the perfect garment for the occasion. 

Iv stacked it up with my KatalistKollection nude choker and pink clear beads choker, which I'm completely obsessed with, I literally will not leave the house without them.

Just to be even more OTT, I've added a pearl collar necklace and a long pendent gold necklace.

I decided on this vintage bad because it has a bit of a romantic story, which i think is perfect for the theme of the day.  When i purchased it a couple of years ago, it came with congratulations letters from a florist in Joburg CBD dating back to 16 December 1948...how cool is that!)

I've finished off my look with basic black leggings, a long t-shirt and my wooden thick heel clogs.

View from the top just for fun!)

Hope you have an awesome day this Valentine's, try and do something special for yourself or for someone else, it is after all a day set out to encourage the celebration of Love in all its shapes and sizes...Have some fun with it.