Monday, 10 March 2014

My Style

Chasing the rain away.

So this would be my first post this March... I know, completely shameful, i've just been so tightly wound up with home and work matters, it's a bit of a crazy time.
Its also been very rainy lately, trough out most of the country really.  Im not complaining because I find that cold weather creates opportunity to practise authentic style, with that said, I wouldn't say no to sunshine again even though i am more enticed by winter apparel.
For today the bow makes a comeback to add that girly girl tough to my otherwise boyish outfit, the bow is made from three variations of Seshweshwe fabric.  To add a bit of fun I then added a Katalyst Kollection choker and a cut-off piece of fabric which I stuffed into my jacket pocket, both of their own Seshweshwe fabric to continue the theme. 
I decided on this cobalt blue belt with a bow buckle as a perfect addition to keep my look significantly feminine. 
 Along with these blue and white stacked platform brogue shoes I'm super crazy about, even though they aren't the most comfortable pair  I've owned.
The rest is just a grey blazer I picked up at Mango, a white vest from Mr Price and slim fit high waisted black pants by LMClothing.
 Im also wearing a clear pink beaded choker also by Katalyst Kollection and a leather lace strap with a Love pendent i got for my birthday once, again, awesome gifts that actually work:D and a long sparrow pendent necklace for taste.
And there you have it...The dream team;D

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