Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My style

Celebrating the sun

Finally it looks like we have our sunny summer days back.  So I've decided to hurry up and celebrate it considering it could be over again without warning.

In this look I'm wearing my casual cotton harem pants Which I picked up for cheap at some random clothing store late last year.  I thought them a great addition to my leisure wear items.

I wore these pants with a cotton dress that used to be popular with me many years ago, 
it was one of the very first items I purchased from YDE way back in the day.

I then coupled my Katalyst Kollection chokers with this LOVE pendent, leather strap necklace I got for my birthday not too long ago for accessories, and a sparrow pendent long necklace to complement my sunglass chain and watch as they would have been the only gold items worn.  
I must say that I don't mind silver and gold being worn together, as with everything else, its just about finding that perfect balance to break the rules. 

What I really like about this combo Is that it creates an illusion of being an all in one piece, the stretch cotton fabric used for both garments is a perfect match.

Then finally i decided on these black strap wooden heel platforms, they make the look more dressed up without being too much. 
And then the decorative whole at the back of the dress... I find it adds that extra bit of relaxed sexyness to the look. 
Till the next time we play dress-up, keep well and take care♥

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