Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Style

Greetings my fellow fashion lover, this year is officially in full swing...it feels good right?!

So i decided to have a bit of fun with my outfit today, see how many people give me that crazy girl look...lol!
I few months ago I took to making bow ties, I was passionate about them, made them in all kinds of fabric mixes and sizes, convinced that I had finally found my 'cash cow' because men and woman alike would be buying them in loads.
Once I had made enough to see where this product was going I completely lost interest, they just didnt look of fit right to me I think, i just completely rejected them and decided i didnt want to see them at all, hursh, i know.  So I packed them up an stuffed them somewhere behind a stack of fabrics Iv been collecting.

So on this awesome day I decided that I would be wearing this LMC harem Dungaree come rain or shine, due to it having collected enough dust in my closet. But then I found that I needed to add something to the look to girlie up this very industrial looking garment, which I made from an actual workers overall once.

I couldnt think of anything that screams girlie louder then bows :D or hearts, which I adore but didnt have enough of to use, and I think the bows totally rock this outfit.

Dressing up is just way too much fun...I hope I never outgrow the feeling*
The Bows got to make it out from behind the fabrics and my head gets to look pretty...its a win!

Friday, 10 January 2014

My Style

Cheers to a prosperous and fortune filled 2014

This is my very first post for this awesome year we've just entered into, i know i'm a bit late, its been quite a long festive season.  It feels like I'm still trying to catchup with myself.
There's just a feeling about this year thats assuring,  that everything is ok...Really!
I can't wait to see what these times have in store for us and more so, i can't wait to be a part of something extraordinary, magical, something beautiful.
For myself, i wish to be a blessing to someone, to count and really see my own blessings.  To learn from and contribute to something significant.   
To share love, positivity, hope and all those amazing things that make life worth living.  To be lead by love and experience love in all its wander.
To be exited and surprised, to be supportive where I'm needed, to enjoy and appreciate support when its mine to receive.  To grow and learn with grace and maturity.
To abide by my favour resolution of all...To continue following my dreams;D
Cheers to a fortune filled 2014.