LMClothing is a ladies wear label, aimed at attracting a young consumer that is aware and interested in what influences social development, current trends in business, fashion, environment, society, etc.  LMClothing designs for the woman who insists on standing out in a crowd, but still maintaining a ‘put together’ appearance, she has confidence an attitude and buys clothing that complement that characteristic of her personality.  She makes her own rules and is independent in her decision making.  She looks at clothing as an essential, but fashion as a necessary luxury that has to be easily accessible and affordable for her all year round.  She leads a fast paced life and requires a clothing label that understands her needs.

In acknowledging the social responsibility that comes with clothing design and other forms of arts and culture, we realize that we contribute to the consumers’ knowledge and understanding of their identity and individuality.

FASHION BUSINESS, motivated by the core competencies of principal:

  • DESIGNING, conceptualizing, then outlining or drawing of specified garments.
  • STYLING, this refers to your commonly known 'fashion styling' for publications, events and medium to large projects, photographic and motion picture shoots for both personal and big brand projects.
  • MANUFACTURING, this concerns the actual physical production of ordered designs and garments made for individuals or business.

LMClothing provides a relevant and current product by:

  • Being innovative in creating and identifying relevant trends.
  • Introducing new styles by conceptualizing current into future trends in the field of clothing design and manufacture.
  • Providing cost-effective and quality products, which satisfy both the Corporate and Artistic consumer.
Promoting excellence and good practice within the working process.

This is a South African Fashion blog by the creatives behind the LMClothing brand.

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