Monday, 21 October 2013

My Style

Breaking the rules!

For this look i decided to break some rules just for fun, and to also see if my attempt at wearing a mix of items that are generally not worn together would work. 
 I mixed a structured Tuxedo tailored jacket with a 'I heart NY' vest i got from my older Virgo when she went out there some time back, i love this vest, i think it makes for a perfect gift.
 I then wore my favourite pair of leisure pants, i really wanted to be comfortable but still look put together, so to added a pair of my favourite heels right now to make the whole look seem dressed up.
Sometimes i think accessories are the first and most important part of any look, i wore a Peter Pan pearl necklace to liven up my vest and a long chain with a bird pendent.
I think my accessories did a great job of making my vest a strong focal point of the whole look.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Happy Birthday

birthday celebrations!

Wishing my beautiful mother a very happy birthday and many,many more to come...i love you to pieces, you are absolutely my inspiration, my joy, my Queen!

Shout out to my virgo's, my favourite siblings:D Tsholo and Katli*kisses*

Thursday, 17 October 2013


The Soil

Early last year my family got to host our very first traditional wedding for our oldest sister Tsholo.  I was given the fortunate task of dressing the wedding party and our youngest sister Katli would be the host of the celebrations.
I dressed her in a high-low Peplum shirt with a white Peter Pan collar and a high wasted short skirt.  She finished off her look with a pair of black Opaque stockings as it was a winter wedding, and a pair of patent leather, peep toe stilettos.

Her look is made up of two simple garments which are livened up by the flamboyant mix of prints and the 'trendy' characteristics of both pieces.  See more on this post on her blog http:/

Monday, 7 October 2013

My style

You've got mail!

It all started with a piece of fabric I found on sale at one of my favourite fabric stores late last year, they only had one and a half meters to spare of this absolutely gorgeous piece of textile.
So I bought the fabric thinking I'd have to make something simple but also dressy, and the garment would also have to allow me to use most of the 1.5meters because I needed to have all of this material used for the garment...I loved it so much.
 This high waist African print skirt is the result of that days deliberation.  
Later on, I was fortunate enough to find this neon neckpiece to add to my accessories drawer, I think its very tasteful and the colour adds enough of an edge for me to be sold on it.
I picked up this structured sling bag during the neon phase.  I can be a "trend slave" sometimes, I think there's a method and smartness in mastering how to follow a good trend well.
I have to admit though, I'm really glad I still have enough feelings for this bag to be using it still, I'm still not too sure about it, its one of those items I feel like belong to someone else, it hasn't settled in with me yet.
Non the less, we are still together and going strong.
I finally decided to get myself a pair of barely there heels...I know!
I have to admit, it took my younger Virgo years to convince me to finally get a pair, for some reason I persistently thought they where to simple for me to pull off. She'd always said they are a must have for any female that might enjoy a moderate to extreme dress up session at times.   She insists that they posses the special power of making any foot, I mean any foot, look feminine...Looks like she was spot on from the door!

Friday, 4 October 2013


The 1920s

Authenticated by elaborate detailing, the gratuitous use of soft fabrics, the dropped waistline, this is what defined the decade.  Delicate, feminine and just plain fabulous, this look equates to the perfect description of a Woman. Cut on the bias (luxury personified) pleat detail, in soft hues, e.g, sorbets, nudes and metallic shades of gold and silver, are right on trend. 
Satin, lace, chiffon, georgette, sequin, pearls, fringe...can you say "the grate Gadsby".