Monday, 7 October 2013

My style

You've got mail!

It all started with a piece of fabric I found on sale at one of my favourite fabric stores late last year, they only had one and a half meters to spare of this absolutely gorgeous piece of textile.
So I bought the fabric thinking I'd have to make something simple but also dressy, and the garment would also have to allow me to use most of the 1.5meters because I needed to have all of this material used for the garment...I loved it so much.
 This high waist African print skirt is the result of that days deliberation.  
Later on, I was fortunate enough to find this neon neckpiece to add to my accessories drawer, I think its very tasteful and the colour adds enough of an edge for me to be sold on it.
I picked up this structured sling bag during the neon phase.  I can be a "trend slave" sometimes, I think there's a method and smartness in mastering how to follow a good trend well.
I have to admit though, I'm really glad I still have enough feelings for this bag to be using it still, I'm still not too sure about it, its one of those items I feel like belong to someone else, it hasn't settled in with me yet.
Non the less, we are still together and going strong.
I finally decided to get myself a pair of barely there heels...I know!
I have to admit, it took my younger Virgo years to convince me to finally get a pair, for some reason I persistently thought they where to simple for me to pull off. She'd always said they are a must have for any female that might enjoy a moderate to extreme dress up session at times.   She insists that they posses the special power of making any foot, I mean any foot, look feminine...Looks like she was spot on from the door!

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