Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Style

Greetings my fellow fashion lover, this year is officially in full swing...it feels good right?!

So i decided to have a bit of fun with my outfit today, see how many people give me that crazy girl look...lol!
I few months ago I took to making bow ties, I was passionate about them, made them in all kinds of fabric mixes and sizes, convinced that I had finally found my 'cash cow' because men and woman alike would be buying them in loads.
Once I had made enough to see where this product was going I completely lost interest, they just didnt look of fit right to me I think, i just completely rejected them and decided i didnt want to see them at all, hursh, i know.  So I packed them up an stuffed them somewhere behind a stack of fabrics Iv been collecting.

So on this awesome day I decided that I would be wearing this LMC harem Dungaree come rain or shine, due to it having collected enough dust in my closet. But then I found that I needed to add something to the look to girlie up this very industrial looking garment, which I made from an actual workers overall once.

I couldnt think of anything that screams girlie louder then bows :D or hearts, which I adore but didnt have enough of to use, and I think the bows totally rock this outfit.

Dressing up is just way too much fun...I hope I never outgrow the feeling*
The Bows got to make it out from behind the fabrics and my head gets to look pretty...its a win!

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