Friday, 14 February 2014

My Style

Happy Valentine's Day

So today i've decided to celebrate by wearing a full sequins short sleeve top...i know, it might seem a bit dressy for day time but today being Valentine's Day and all, i think Iits the perfect garment for the occasion. 

Iv stacked it up with my KatalistKollection nude choker and pink clear beads choker, which I'm completely obsessed with, I literally will not leave the house without them.

Just to be even more OTT, I've added a pearl collar necklace and a long pendent gold necklace.

I decided on this vintage bad because it has a bit of a romantic story, which i think is perfect for the theme of the day.  When i purchased it a couple of years ago, it came with congratulations letters from a florist in Joburg CBD dating back to 16 December cool is that!)

I've finished off my look with basic black leggings, a long t-shirt and my wooden thick heel clogs.

View from the top just for fun!)

Hope you have an awesome day this Valentine's, try and do something special for yourself or for someone else, it is after all a day set out to encourage the celebration of Love in all its shapes and sizes...Have some fun with it.

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