Friday, 5 July 2013

Personal Style

Naughty or Nice?!

Honestly, I'm having way too much fun in this outfit, I'm just crazy about these White Tuxedo Thigh-high socks, and it is Friday so I'm allowed a bit of excitement. 
I found them at a Chinese boutique not too far from where i stay, while on a quick milk run at my local pick n pay one lucky afternoon.  I just had to buy two pairs on the spot, which was all the stock they had, the moment i saw them i immediately knew i would want to have them with me all the time so i'd be taking all the quantity they had in store.
My full PVC ghost Coat is simply just EPIC!!!
I'm sure not to many people posses such a treasure, i consider myself a highly favoured girl for having it:D and just to take things a bit overboard, even for myself, I added this PVC beach bag i found at Edgar's.

This outfit is the perfect combination of naughty and nice*wink* 

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