Monday, 18 November 2013

Fashion Events

The 2nd Annual Mbokoto Awards 2012

So, this post is a little late...considering this event took place last year around this time, lets just say its taken this long to find and put together this pictorial.
We had an absolute blast once everything and every one involved was organised, especially me. 
The 2nd annual Mbokodo Awards was the second show i got the opportunity of styling late last year. It  had been just two months since my first attempt at the Feather Awards, which i felt had gone quite well, it left me feeling more confidant in my ability to interpret and execute the brief timorously and to work with relatively large groups of artists and personalities, so i decided to take on this exciting new challenge.
This time we had a bigger production on our hands and almost half the time in which to put it together. Everything literally came together just minutes before the show started, i was a huge messy ball of nerves but had this kind of calm knowing feeling that all would go well.  
The day of the event was literally the first time i met some of the artists and dancers i would be working with and some where brand new to my list of task, luckily i always bring extras.  The first dress rehearsal happened a bit less than five hours before curtain call that evening.  It was a complete disaster to say the least, my timing was all wrong and the quick changes, well, they where not so quick.  
I didn't  even have a second to fall apart and the responsibility was already to high and we were to far gone to turn back.  So i took five minutes to myself, to connect and decide how to fix the oh so many different issues.
Fortunately i remember i had a friend whom i had studied Fashion with a few years prior, who also happened to live not to far from where the venue was and as my luck would have it he was available that afternoon and willing to come and assist me.  He brought with him all the machines and things he thought we might need and the 25 pairs of black stockings i had asked him to purchase for me on his way.  From the moment he arrived we literally locked ourselves in one dressing room praying, sewing,cutting, adding, replacing, patching, extending, changing,etc anything and everything we could think to fix.

The second dress rehearsal was the actual show... 

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