Friday, 8 November 2013

my Style

I love these shades, they also happen to be one of those gifts that work:D
I've had them for years now and I'm still not tired of them, I love how they are awkwardly big for their cylinder shape.

I  found this amazing twin breast waste coat in the men's section recently. I think it fits perfectly, I love what it does on the shoulder

My obsession with all things plastic is something I thought would have been just a phase, now iv resigned to accepting that its just one of those things about me. I'm attracted to its impracticality when it comes to apparel, it almost feels naughty...I like that.

Now i own three pairs of these jelly wedges, I know it might seem a bit indulgent, but in my defence this pair was also a gift, so I can on be held responsible for the other two pairs.  I love the ankle strap...the bow is just too cute.

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