Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Personal Style

So its been well over a year since i wore this outfit, but i just had to share these pics with you cause I'm still just as crazy bout the colour combo now as i was then.  It was the only time i ever wore these pieces together, and it was all by sheer luck that the outfit worked out considering that i hadn't had the chance to try it on before the big reveal*way to risky*
My sister and i had gotten a hasty invite to attend the Woman in Agriculture awards 2011, it could have been 2012 i can't quite recall, in Klerksdorp North West.  Between work and everything else there just wasn't anytime to prepare, i literally got back home from work, threw my work bags down, threw a few items of clothing i thought might work well together for into a travel bag, then hit the highway with a silent prayer that all goes well,set straight for the hotel we had been directed to arrive at by latest 17h30 that afternoon.
Despite all the madness of that day, i'd say i managed quite well for the occasion;D 


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