Friday, 21 June 2013

Personal Style

Still in the spirit of Youth Month!!!

I thought i'd just milk it while we still in it.  And anyway, I'm totally crazy about this T-Shirt which i got in  a gift bag from the Woolworths 'going green' exhibition at Design Indaba when i attended a few years ago, i use any excuse to wear this T-shirt, i think i might even wear it at a formal event given half the chance, just because of what it means to me.  I also think the graphics on it are exceptionally appropriate for Youth Month.
I wore my awesome Woolworths organic cotton T with a pair of high rise jeggings, a black and white leopard print belt, metallic silver\bronze sharp nose heels and a black blazer.
I must say, I also adore all the accessories I'm wearing in this outfit just as much as i do my T-shirt.  Almost all of them where gifts, i mean those awesome prezzies you genuinely enjoy, on top of it, they happen to be from very special people...Luckyme:D

 I'll share each of their stories as i keep enjoying them, for now i just want to mention my red,green, and yellow square earrings.  They were made for me by my kid sister Katlego, better known to me as Kido or Kiddles, they where one of the first pairs she ever made in the beginning of her decision to offer a bag and accessories range, which has now blossomed into the business that is Katalyst Kollection.  I fell in love the moment i saw them and they just keep coming, what i call 'exactly my taste'.

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  1. *blush on behalf of Katalyst Kollection* I sure will keep em cumin:)