Monday, 10 June 2013

Shoe Dairy

It was  absolutely love at first sight when i laid eyes on these.  We've been together for a few years now,and sure as the sun will rise, my love still blows like a cool summer breeze, comfortable but  relentlessly exiting,  i found a perfect love that day!!!
Melissa and Vivienne Westwood\Lady Dragon

My experience before i recieved these precious ladies was definitely just dramatic, I literally drove all over Joburg searching for any places i suspected i might find them. After what looked like an unsuccessful effort, i decided to try Long street in Cape Town while on a short trip there not long after my previous mission hopping to get lucky.  And i did, well, somewhat.  I saw a cream pair in the window of some cute corner shop, which sold anything from second hand jewellery, antique tea sets and stones, to these amazing beauties i had been painfully pinning for since our onset.  Only to discover that not only did they just have two pairs in stock, but both pairs where the wrong size and both not in the original colour combination of my preference, even though i had already decided to settle for whatever, long as i finally have a pair with me.

So i finally ended up having to have them shipped in form Melissa Australia, in the correct size and perfect colour combination...once and for all.  Well, that processes ended up taking a little over three weeks, and i had now spent more then double what i had expected on shipping costs.

The good new in this saga is that none of all that madness changed my feelings towards these beautiful friends.  To add on to my blissful strides in them, they also have this unexpected, pleasant sent about them thats still as potent as the very first time we met.  To that i say, lucky me:D

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